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Free consulting and support

Contact us if you need help in connection with:

  • design of a project
  • Installing one of our products
  • Troubleshooting on one of our products
  • Instructions for selecting the solution
  • Send us an email or contact us by. phone.

The technical team at Wiesemann & Theis GmbH is always ready to provide specialist assistance in complex tasks.


Product specification

As with ongoing updates of both manuals, firmware and tools we have chosen to link to the specification of the product on our WebShop. For products from Wiesmann & Theis GmbH is a link to the latest version of the W&T website.

W&T information


W & T background information

At W&T's website has page with information about:

  • fundamental network
  • Detailed information about serial and parallel interfaces
  • Information on the management of Web-IO devices
  • electrical installations
  • Plastic fiber optic connections
  • specialist articles

Backgrund information