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USB-Isolator Industry, 4kV

USB-Isolator Industry, 4kV

USB-Isolator with
4kV isolation voltage, #33204


Background information:

USB ports for stationary computers have, unfortunately, the fundamental disadvantage to have no electrical isolation of signal lines.

In many applications in the consumer world, this restriction is not relevant because the PC connected to the USB devices are generally supplied through the bus and not through additional connections related to a second mass or to the protective earth have.

In the areas of data acquisition, control engineering or medical technology is such a galvanic decoupling of the connected devices, however, essential to prevent mutual interference from transients using the USB cable.

To this end, W & T to a family of USB isolators, which differ in the mechanical design as well as power supply and level of isolation voltage.


Product Features:

  • Galvanically isolated connection between two devices with USB ports
  • Isolation voltage min. 4000 volts DC
  • Power supply insulator and terminal via the USB
  • Optional external power supply on the upstream side
    This option allows the connection of power-hungry USB devices
    with a load current up to 1A without affecting the insulation voltage
  • Supports Low Speed and Full Speed USB devices
  • No installation of additional software drivers required
  • Housing suitable for mounting on DIN rails
  • Conforms to standardsboth in office and industrial environments:
    • Increased noise immunity for industrial areas
    • Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas


Technical data:

Insulation:   Min. 4 KV DC
(Both via USB bus,
as well as external supply)
Air and creepage distances:   > 8 mm
USB speed:   Full Speed (12Mbps), Low Speed (1.5 Mbps)
Power supply:   usually by the USB host on the bus,
alternatively at high loads from an external power supply
Current consumption:   100mA Iout + 1.3 *
(Iout = power requirements of the connected USB slave)
Output current:   Bus power supply: max Iout = 300mA
with power supply: max Iout = 1000mA
Upstream port:   USB "B" connector
Downstream port:   USB "A" jack
Ambient temperature:   Storage: -40 .. +70 ° C, Operating: 0 to +60 ° C.
Humidity:   0th .90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Housing:   Small plastic enclosure, 105x75x22mm
Weight:   170 g
Delivery:   1x USB-Isolator Industry, 4 kV
1x USB cable USB A / USB B, length: 2m




Send messages - when limits are violated or timer-based - for informational purposes directly to the responsible technical as an e-mail or as a reroute via SMS.


After the device has been configured for and connected to your network, the following steps are still necessary.

Open the profile for configuring e-mail alarm messages. e-57606-35-pide-000
Enter the desired parameters. e-57606-36-pide-000
When the limit you have set is exceeded, the device sends an e-mail which can also be transmitted as an SMS message using special functions available from cellular phone service providers. e-57606-37-piww-000