ERP-Gateway 2x Digital Input, 2x Output

ERP-Gateway 2x Digital Input, 2x Output PoE

ERP/PPS system controls digital in-/outputs - simply, using the FTP user name

Use your system to open a standard FTP connection to the ERP Gateway and send the control command as a login name. After authenticating by the password, the output is immediately turned on or off.



  • 1x Ethernet 10/100BaseT autosensing
  • Galvanic isolation between the ports
    • Isolation voltage min. 1000V between digital IOs and network

Management and connectivity:

  • Switching using Wayback with any FTP client
    • Sending commands in the login name
  • Network connection:
    • 10/100BaseT autosensing, RJ45 with PoE
  • Web-based management
  • 6 V - 30 V digital industry-standard outputs
    • Current sourcing FET
    • 2-bit a 0.5A, grouping in 2’s for increasing switching current possible
    • short-circuit-protected by virtue of thermal safety fuse
    • programmable logic functions
    • pulse mode 2ms up to approx. 49 days
  • Digital industry-standard inputs
    • Type 1, current sinking in accordance with IEC 1131-2
    • Polarity reversal protected
    • Counter inputs for events (pulse width min. 1 ms)
    • 4 alarm conditions for SNMP traps and e-mail
  • Box-to-box mode
  • Additional software interfaces
    • FTP Wayback
    • HTTP, Web browser
    • AJAX, JavaScript and Java applet
    • TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
    • OPC server
    • SMTP (e-mail)
    • Syslog
    • SNMP (including trap)
    • FTP client (data logging)

Power supply:

  • External
    • Screw terminal 12-24V AC/DC

Standards & more

  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance for industrial environments
    • Low noise emission for residential and business areas
  • 5 year guarantee


Worth knowing

Patented Wayback feature:

In addition to all the standard functions of the Web-IO® Digital, the ERP-Gateway 2x Digital PoE also includes the patented Wayback procedure. As a platform- and operating system-neutral software interface, the Wayback procedure enables even communication limited systems to directly switch outputs - without any additional software packages, drivers or special access rights to the file system. The only prerequisite is the ability to establish an FTP connection to the ERP gateway. The desired command is sent as the user login followed by a password, whereupon the ERP gateway switches the desired output - that’s it!

ERP/PPS systems such as SAP, Baan, PSI etc. can in this way, using a simple FTP login, send switching pulses to machines, PLCs or any other desired outputs without actual data transmission.

SAP application example

When a certain production quantity is reached, you need to use the SAP system to switch a light column to red. Without any additional, expensive software components a small ABAP procedure opens the FTP connection to the ERP Gateway when the event occurs and sends the command as a user login, whereupon the signal column is immediately switched to red.

Possible applications

Remote monitoring, automation technology, home and building technology and building visualization, process monitoring, photoelectric beam control, gate control, light barrier control, machine data acquisition, customer counting, fault indicators and much more.

(Wayback support for other Web-IO models on request)



Technical data:

Connections and displays:

Network:   10/100BaseT autosensing
Digital outputs:   2 x Digital Out 6V-30V, 500mA
Digital inputs:   2 x Digital In
max. input voltage +/-30V
Protected against polarity reversal within this range
Switching threshold 8V +/- 1V
"On" current = 2.2mA
integrated 32-bit counter
Connections:   6 screw terminals for IO’s,
2 screw terminals for device power supply
Protocol:   FTP Wayback procedure
TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
SNMP including traps
SMTP e-mail sending
FTP client
OPC server
Inventory keeping, group management
Response times:   Data and switching traffic: typically 12 ms
IO supply using PoE:   24V /max. 250mA
Galvanic isolation:   Digital-IO’s - Network: min. 1000V
Supply voltage:   DC 24V .. 48V (+/-10%)
AC 18Veff .. 30Veff (+/-10%)
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Current consumption:   typ. 100mA@24V DC
Displays:   1 LED Power
1 LED Status
1 LED Error

Housing and other data:

Housing:   Plastic housing for top hat rail installation
105 x 22 x 75mm (L x W x H)
Enclosure rating:   IP20
Weight:   approx. 140g
Ambient temperature:   Storage: -25..+70°C
Operation: 0..+60°C
Scope of delivery:  

ERP-Gateway 2x Digital,
Quick start manual
W&T product CD

Please order power supplies separately as accessories






Send messages - when limits are violated or timer-based - for informational purposes directly to the responsible technical as an e-mail or as a reroute via SMS.


After the device has been configured for and connected to your network, the following steps are still necessary.

Open the profile for configuring e-mail alarm messages. e-57606-35-pide-000
Enter the desired parameters. e-57606-36-pide-000
When the limit you have set is exceeded, the device sends an e-mail which can also be transmitted as an SMS message using special functions available from cellular phone service providers. e-57606-37-piww-000