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USB-Server Gigabit

USB-Server Gigabit
USB devices simple and fast anywhere in the network


USB-Server Gigabit

USB devices simple and fast anywhere in the network

 USB Server Gigabit  
 USB-Server Gigabit, model #53662  


  • ++ Increased data throughput
    • Network connection via Gigabit-Ethernet
    • High-performance hardware platform for less latencies
  • Fully USB 2.0 compatible
    • Support of all USB modes (Control, Bulk, Interrupt, Isochronous)
  • USB Redirector implemented as a Windows kernel-mode driver
    • XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008R2/8/2012/8.1/2012R2 incl. Server-, 64-bit editions and virtual systems
    • Communication even without user login
    • Intuitive graphical configuration tool
    • Additional command line tool for batch-/script-controlled device incorporation
  • Full TCP/IP support incl. routing and DNS
  • 2 independent USB ports
    • Simultaneous connection of PC A to USB1 and PC B to USB2 possible
    • Both ports have max. 500mA load capacity
  • Supply voltage via PoE or from external 24-48VDC power supply
  • Interoperability guarantee
    • We’re compatible with everything, everywhere
  • Normen-Konform both in office and industrial environments:
    • Increased noise immunity for industrial areas
    • Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas
  • 5 year guarantee
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Everything included
The small box contains everything you need to map USB devices to a network. Regardless of whether you are using it as an extension across your network or together with other devices such as scanners, printers, dongles, measuring instrumentation etc., USB devices connected to the USB Server Gigabit behave just as if they were connected directly to your Windows PC. Support of all USB modes (Control, Bulk, Interrupt, Isochronous) ensures problem-free communication with both traditional USB devices and isochronous devices in audio, video and measurement technology. We don’t need voluminous lists of compatible devices - everything means everything.

Everything included
On the software side, as a core driver the USB Redirector integrates the virtual USB ports into the Windows plug-and-play system. As with local installations, the USB device can be operated without the need for a Windows user login. The USB-Server Gigabit supports cross-network, routed connections and provides functions for automatically restarting communication after network faults and interruptions.

All applications

Share devices - Move the valuable dongle into the safe server room and allow users to access it over the network.
Virtual environments - Integrate real USB peripherals (measurement technology, card readers etc.) into virtual machines under VMWare, HyperV, Virtual Box etc.
Line driver - Operate the USB device at virtually any distance fro the computer
Galvanic isolation - Create galvanic isolation between the PC and USB device to prevent ground loops and undesired equalizing currents

Interoperability guarantee
We stand by our word: "We’re compatible with everything." If your particular USB device with its special driver and special version level in fact refuses to run, we will analyze precisely what makes your USB device so unique. As a rule this is all it takes to change the behavior of our USB Server so that it also works with your device. If even that does not provide a resolution, you will receive an exact technical error analysis. You can use this if needed to solve the problem with the help of the manufacturer of your USB device.



    • USB port protocols:
      • USB 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0
      • Control / Bulk / Interrupt / Isochronous
    • Protocols for direct network connection:
      • TCP/IP
      • Auxiliary protocols:
        Inventory keeping, group management


Technical data:

USB ports:   2 x USB A port
USB speed:   480 Mbit/s
Network:   10/100/  ++ 1000BaseT autosensing
IPv6 on request
Supply voltage:   Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Class 3 (6.49-12.95W) or
via screw terminal DC 24V .. 48V (+/-10%)
Current consumption:   Ext. supply (24V DC) without USB devices: typ. 120 mA
Ext. supply (24V DC) with 2 USB devices each 2.5W: typ. 420mA
Ambient temperature:   Storage: -40..+85°C
Non-end-to-end installation: 0..+50°C
Housing:   Plastic compact housing for top-hat rail mount. 105x75x22mm
Weight:   approx. 200 g
Delivery:   1x USB-Server Gigabit 
1x Product CD with USB Port Redirector, WuTility Management Tool, 
reference manual in German/English


Power supplies (please order as needed as accessories)
Plug-in Power Supply, 24V / 625mA DC with Euro plug 11023
Plug-in Power Supply, 24V / 625mA DC with Euro, US and UK plug 11024
Power Supply for DIN rail mount, 24V / 630mA DC (merchandise, 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee) 11082




Commissioning, configuration, troubleshooting

Here, you will find everything relating to the commissioning of Com-Servers, RFID-Servers, Web-IOs and Web Thermometers in the network, their configuration access and also what diagnostic facilities are available, if ever a problem occurs. How can I assign IP addresses, where can I find the correct network parameters, what must be remembered when setting serial parameters, what might be the reason why a device is suddenly no longer reachable in the network,...? These are only some examples of questions which are answered under the following links.

Applications and deployment alternatives

Are you concerned with applications or with setting up certain operation modes such as e.g. box-to-box, e-mails, SLIP etc.? You have ideas for potential applications, but are not sure whether they are feasible with the devices? The following pages containing frequently asked questions will either provide you with straightforward answers or perhaps the final instruction for actually implementing a planned application.