Ethernet Switch Industry, 4 Port

WLAN Client Bridge
brings wired Ethernet devices in an existing WLAN


Product properties

  • 4-port Ethernet switch with various power options
  • Supply voltage via PoE or external 24 - 48V DC power supply
  • Special functions for PoE or 48V supply:
    • Pass-through / injection: The switch can power up to three PoE-capable terminal devices
    • Extraction: The switch decouples 24V DC / 10W from PoE for powering non-PoE devices
  • Port mirroring for network recordings
  • Industrial grade with
    • noise immunity in accordance with EN 61000-6-2
    • Housing for DIN rail mounting
    • Operating temperature range 0...70°C
  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • Increased noise immunity for industrial areas
    • Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas
  • 5 year guarantee

Sample applications

Narrow network expander:

A nearly full control cabinet and you still have 2-3 more network terminal devices to connect? The compact, 22mm wide switch is ideal for networking Com-Servers, Web-IOs, Web-Thermographs, USB Servers or other Ethernet terminal devices.

Non-PoE network camera in a PoE network:
The additional power output provides up to 500mA at 24V. This means for example a non-PoE network camera can be integrated into a PoE network without the need for an additional external power supply.



Network   1x UpLink 10/100BT autosensing (PoE capable)
3x DeviceLink 10/100BT autosensing, PoE Injection (Class 1 ) configurable
Port mirroring for 1 port possible
HP Auto MDI/MDI-X and IEEE Auto Crossover support
Galvanic isolation:   min. 1500 V
Power supply:   Screw terminal: DC 24V .. 48V (+/-10%) or AC 18Veff .. 30Veff (+/-10%)
or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Current consumption:   typ. 80mA @24V DC
PoE Class 0 (0.44 - 15W depending on load)
Ambient temperature:   Storage: -40..+70°C
Operating: 0..+70°C
Permissible relative humidity:   5..95% RH (non-condensing)
Housing:   Plastic compact housing for top-hat rail mount. 105x75x22mm
Weight:   approx. 200 g

1x 4 Port Ethernet Switch Industry

Please order power supplies as separate accessories.
Use as a PoE Injector possible only with 48V DC power supply.





Comming soon


Send messages - when limits are violated or timer-based - for informational purposes directly to the responsible technical as an e-mail or as a reroute via SMS.


After the device has been configured for and connected to your network, the following steps are still necessary.

Open the profile for configuring e-mail alarm messages. e-57606-35-pide-000
Enter the desired parameters. e-57606-36-pide-000
When the limit you have set is exceeded, the device sends an e-mail which can also be transmitted as an SMS message using special functions available from cellular phone service providers. e-57606-37-piww-000






Power Supply

Plug-in Power Supply, 24V / 220mA DC with Euro plug WT11020
Plug-in Power Supply, 24V / 650mA DC with Euro, US and UK plug WT11024
Power Supply for DIN rail mount, 24V / 630mA DC
(merchandise, 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee)

Mechanical Accessories

Mounting bracket for wall mounting 58812
19" DIN rail 58813
IP wall mount housing, 180 x 130 x 175 mm WT11120


WuTility WuTility
Windows COM Port Redirector Legacy (NT, Win2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 , 2008 incl. 64-bit and Server-Editions) Software
OPC Server Software

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